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Vít Janda

Vit’s role is to actively push forward and manage the ongoing & upcoming hyper-growth. Vit focuses on overall strategy, hiring the best possible people and deliver results for clients., officialy founded at the beginning of year 2021 during pandemics, experienced hyper-growth past months. Alongside with TikTok - new global trend video-app reaching 1 bilion users worldwide. Team achieved more than 39 millions organic views on their client's profiles during past 9 months. Together with clients like Superzoo, DoDo, Dáme Jídlo, NUGOSU, Campiri and many others, team expect another rocket growth during 2022.

Where to see Vít?

Keynote: TikTok: Personal branding for Gamers (S2)

April 28th 2022
14:10 - 14:20 AM CET

Vít Janda

CEO & Co-Founder @