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Timmu Töke

Timmu Tõke is the Co-Founder and CEO of Ready Player Me. The company is building a cross-game avatar platform for the metaverse, used by 1000+ companies. Forbes 30 Under 30.
Ready Player Me is a cross-game avatar platform for the metaverse. It lets you create a 3D avatar with a selfie and use it in 1000+ compatible apps and games. You can explore virtual worlds in VRChat, join meetings in MeetinVR, or stream to your fans using LIV – all with your personal avatar that represents you in virtual worlds.

Any developer can integrate Ready Player Me into their apps and games using our free avatar SDK. It's compatible with Unity and Unreal Engine and works great on the web, mobile, and desktop platforms.

Where to see Timmu?

Keynote: Metaverse (S1)

April 28th 2022
15:15 - 15:25 CET

Timmu Töke

CEO & Co-Founder @ Ready Player Me