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Patrik Juránek is a Founder at Startup Disrupt, a platform for more than 20k+ startups, technology innovators and other entrepreneurs. In 2016 he co-founded Startup Grind Czech Republic as part of a global community and built community. He is also an external consultant for global technology companies, and a founding member of LXVI Ventures. Patrik was also announced as the winner of the Ecosystem Hero in the Central European Startup Awards. Patrik began his career in telecommunications and management consulting as a consultant at KPMG. From that time he stepped into a few technology startups where he was responsible for sales and project management. Finally, he built his own e-commerce startup where he introduced new innovative US products to the Czech market (exit in 2015).

 Be an organizer of esport leagues makes us a trend setter in this young environment.


April 28th 2022
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patrik juránek

CEO Startup Disrupt