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Ondřej is the Senior Sales Manager at Bayes Esports. Bayes Esports has established itself as the industry leading service, powering exclusive long term partnerships with Riot, ESL, Beyond the Summit, OGA and others. Before joining Bayes Esports, he was doing business development at data analytics startup RTSmunity, and also at IKEA. He is responsible for new business and partnerships in the esports ecosystem.

Bayes Esports is the world’s leading esports data provider. Within just two years, our team of 60 professionals has built an unmatched, diverse ecosystem of 175+ data consumers. We cover all relevant use cases from media, to service providers, analytic companies to betting operators and community partners. With BEDEX, our global, best-in-class data platform, we provide the fastest, most reliable and accurate esports data on the market, powering top tier clients from Google to Bet365 with more than 10.000 live matches per year. As the only player in the industry, we base our service on official live data through our exclusive partnerships with Riot, ESL, Dreamhack, Beyond the Summit, OGA and many more. We believe in an open ecosystem and in healthy competition, that drives innovation in the market. Our mission is to drive prosperity and sustainability for everyone in the esports industry.

 Be an organizer of esport leagues makes us a trend setter in this young environment.

Keynote: Data a jejich využití v esportech (S2)

April 28th 2022
9:35 AM - 9:45 AM CET

ondřej ŠILHAVÝ

Senior Sales Manager at Bayes Esports