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Oliver loves to refer to himself in the third person. His athletic career peaked when he became the Year 1 potato sack race champion of Prague 4 in 2007, so he had to soon find an extracurricular activity to supplement his lack of athletic abilities: and since all of the other equally unathletic kids either played chess (which he sucked at), played an instrument (which he really hated), or did debate/speech, he devoted a large chunk of his life to becoming a master of the art of presentation/public speaking. Since then, he used this skill to launch two non-profits, sell his legal chatbot idea to IBM, make his way into becoming the CEO of Adecco for a month, get placed on Euro's 20 under 20 list, and smooth talk his way into a few 20% discounts at his local bakery. Now, he's the world's leading "pitch coachsultant" (partly because he came up with the term), advising Silicon Valley founders on their pitches; he leads Accelerate ME, the UK's leading student-led student accelerator; and through several other ventures is actively working on his life-long passion project of making a Wakanda-like Africa a reality.

 Be an organizer of esport leagues makes us a trend setter in this young environment.

Hosting Stage 1

April 28th 2022
whole day

oliver laryea

Dad of NorthWest's Studentpreneurship, Founder @ Plantinos