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Jan Francírek

Founder of GitGut - the only AI virtual voice coach for League of Legends in the world where people like Duke Nukem and one day Snoop Dog are "sitting" next to you and commenting your plays. Raised almost 700k euro now scaling to US/Eng speaking market. Spent several years in STRV labs where he was Ex-CEO of (Aquired) and Founder SV based startup. Then created on his own and Damezkouš is the new voice assistant for League. Play with a high Elo buddy who will cheer for you, advise you, guide you to victory, and help you raise your rank! Free and legal, we play by all the rules.

Win more ASAP! And have fun with

The Voice Assistant for League of Legends

Keynote: education in gaming (S2)

April 28th 2022
16:00 - 16:10 CET

Jan Francírek

Founder at GitGut